Cauliflower Taco “Rice”

I adore carbohydrates. Rice, pasta, bread, you name it, I probably like it. And as a vegan, I get a lot of my daily protein from whole-grains. However, when you don’t feel like all the calories from carbs or perhaps are short on your veggie intake, I recommend making cauliflower “rice.” This dish is incredibly simple and can be seasoned to fit with a variety of courses.

This site has a great tutorial for different methods of cooking the cauliflower. The basic idea is to add pieces of cauliflower to a food processor and process until the consistency of rice then cook until softened. I wanted to make a taco-flavored rice, so while the cauli was pan-frying, I sprinkled it with chili-garlic powder, dry taco seasoning and sea salt and added a little red onion to the mix. Once cooked, I topped my rice with vegetarian refried beans and salsa.


My cauliflower is a little larger than it ideally should be, as (alas!) my food processor died while blending frozen bananas. The result was still delicious and definitely nutrient-packed.


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