Our FIRST Mental Health Monday (as declared by me)

This morning I had a truly vulnerable conversation which got me thinking a great deal about feelings of self-worth and of how, too often perhaps, we fall into the trap of allowing others to define our value as human beings. I’m guilty of this more often than I’d like to admit–someone hurts me and my thoughts rush straight to Toxic-World. 

The obvious flaw in this line of thought is that by giving others the permission to define our self-worth we relinquish control of our mental health (and physical health, by proxy). 

Ponder this with me, if you will. Do your best to let go of the questions, the “why’s”, the “how’s”, the “what if’s” and just accept, even if for only a moment, that the actions of others do not negate (nor create) the meaning you have as a unique and powerful person. Your importance is innate to you. It exists simply because you are. 



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